Anticipating a challenge, any help appreciated

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Anticipating a challenge, any help appreciated

So I have just started the HCG diet and I am already thinking ahead to what is coming up. My fiance is really supportive but I don't really want to let anyone else know that I am doing this diet, I am really afraid of the judgement that would come along with this diet as until you research it, it is very misunderstood. (especially the injections part)

I have a baby shower to go to out of town near the end of Phase 2.
How do you deal with a group of women shoving food & drinks in your face? I am such a people pleaser that i have a hard time turning someone down that tries to guilt you into eating what you know you shouldnt be eating.

Also, my bachelorette party and bridal shower will be about 3 weeks into my maintenance, any advice on how to have a great time but not undo everything I worked so hard for?

Any advice would be very much welcome!
28 lbs to lose to fit in my wedding dress