Experiencing hunger pangs on Phase 2

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Experiencing hunger pangs on Phase 2

Hey gang, I have a question for y'all.. .

 I have been on the HCG diet for a little over a week and a half now and am experiencing some pretty intense hunger pangs. I am sticking to the Simeons protocol 100%, drinking half my weight in water and using (no lotions, creams, oils or any products on my body whatsoever). Many people have mentioned to me that hunger on HCG is typically a dosage issue. For 45 days I will be taking 1000 u/ML of subcutaneous injections (each day) that were premixed from a lab here in Los Angeles.  I have heard that premixed HCG loses potency over time. When I asked my nutritionist this she assured me that its not the case and to take it up with the lab. The lab where I bought it from ensured me that they tested their HCG and it remained potent for 3-6 months. I guess i'll have to believe them... The other issue is that my nutritionist does not follow the protocol, she prescribed a shake called Ultra lean and MCT oil. (She mentioned that they both curb hunger, but I was under the impression that with the shots, one should not be experiencing hunger!) It seems like the hunger is a symptom of the HCG not working.

In any case, I am planning on getting a pregnancy test to test out one of the solutions in the premixed shot and see if it turns out positive. (I've heard this is a good way to test if your HCG is still active) Other than that, im not sure what to do. 1000 u per day seems like a large enough dose to where I shouldn't have to be so hungry! I am losing weight but, i'm not sure if its the 'structural' fat i'm losing since I am experiencing so much hunger. I want to trust this pharmacy and my nutritionist but I also trust my own body. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions of what I can do?

Thank you so much for your time and consideration,