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Fake or Real HCG

I have a question for Brian or whoever can lend input. I am in the learning phase of understanding HCG. A real newbie. I have been on phentermine since August 2015 & down to 191 from 214. But I have seemingly plateaued with little or no loss in  the last 6 weeks. Needing to lose another 20 pounds I jumped out & purchased some "REAL hCG Plus non-homeopathic" drops out of North Carolina online unfortunately before reading much about the potential of bogus products out there. I received the order & immediately tested the product directly with a pregnancy strip. The result was negative. The blogs I'm mostly seeing are from 2010 & 2011 & perhaps things have changed. It just seems reasonable to me that if HCG is the active chemical for this diet and that a pregnancy strip is actually a test for the presence of HCG..... then it seems to me there could be no other possible result than positive if the product had some degree of HCG. The response from the supplier which is mostly over my head is as follows:

"It's important that customers contact us before going out and purchasing a random test and trying it on HCG Plus (or any premixed liquid HCG in fact). HCG plus is real and will test positive (generally speaking), on qualitative tests. However there are several substantial problems testing with EPT/one-steps and it's very likely you have received a false negative.
HCG qualitative tests are just that, they test for the presence of HCG in low impurity solutions (urine is what they are designed for of course).  However, all mixed HCG solutions like ours, at least if they stay potent for more than a few weeks, have many other ingredients as well as the HCG powders.
Picking out any strip from the store is going to give mixed results, and we cannot guarantee accuracy as there are a host of other ingredients in our product (the full list is on the FAQ page of our site).
Even if mixed with just saline + HCG powder, the beta chain of the molecule may not be fully suspended for proper adhesion to the surface of the test site. See below for such issues:


We recommend therefore that if people choose to test their orders (this is done on site with quantitative HCG tests, which are much more accurate, by the batch), they request a strip from us that generally we've had good success with.
Please let us know if you have any further questions, you are always welcome to return your order, we have a completely open return policy for 30 days (for any reason) and this has always been the case,"

The 2 oz. bottle shows the ingredients as:   Proprietary HCG Complex  124 mg
                                                                      Amino Acid Stabilizers
                                                                      L-Othimine  B12 Comp. L-Argnine, L-Glutamine, Maca, Niacin, Pygeum. & Africanum
Anyone have good information to share or feelings on this information?