False Starts in Phase 2

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False Starts in Phase 2

To give background, I first tried this program in March 2009 and it was fantastic!  Years of trying to loose weight and I finally found something that worked.  2 years later, I have put back some of the weight, especially since Nov 2011 through the winter.  I started on Phase 2 Jan 15th, It only lasted 6 days and a life event through me off  and in 2 days, the weight was all back on.  I decided to stop the program because I was just throwing my money away until I could get re focused.  

Since then, I have started PH2 two other times, once at the end of January and again on Feb 10th.  Both times I fell off the diet 5 days into PH2.

I am looking to do the 21 days , needing to drop 15 pounds. At this point I am planning on trying it again on March 12th.  

My question is;    Since I have made 3 attempts lasting 5-6 days and stopping,  have I impacted my success by "Start/Stop"?

Should I not start in March but wait until April 1st which will be 6 weeks from my last attempt/failure?

I was concerned about immunity, however I did not experience hunger in my last 2 short attempts.  

Has anyone else experienced this situation?

Thank You for any feedback you may have
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Re: False Starts in Phase 2

Brian Connole
I'm not sure if you were on it long enough to build up an immunity, but because you tried doing it a few times, I would probably wait the 6 weeks until April.

Good luck and keep us posted!
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