I am John Goddard & I have lost 226lbs on HCG @ LIVEfit Medicine

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I am John Goddard & I have lost 226lbs on HCG @ LIVEfit Medicine

I am writing today to share the story of winning my fight against obesity. My name is John Goddard, I am a 33 year old Wellness Counselor as well as a news & radio writer/anchor from Kingsport, Tennessee. Just over one year ago, at the age of 32, I weighed in at 410 pounds, a 62” waist & a 4XL shirt. I knew I was in trouble.
Being so heavy was not only physically & mentally challenging, it was affecting my health as well. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, hypertension & I was a borderline diabetic. My knees were constantly hurting and my circulation was poor. I would get out of breath walking 15 feet from my car to the front door of my home.
From an emotional standpoint, I hated looking in the mirror and being seen out in public. I would constantly catch people staring & making fun of me. I found myself hiding from people in public and avoiding having my picture taken. I couldn’t fit into booths at restaurants. I became a recluse, burying myself in work to avoid facing how miserable I was.
I reached a boiling point in my life and my health where I knew something had to change. In January of 2010, I joined Anytime Fitness of Kingsport. At that time I met franchise owner Willie Hamilton. Willie was great and after talking with him, I knew that he was the man that could help me. I just never realized how far it would go.
Right away, I began working out daily. I lost a little weight on my own, but I wasn’t seeing the results I’d hoped for. In March, I began training with Willie Hamilton. He put me on a physical workout regiment and provided me with a structured eating plan. Willie and his staff provided me with motivation & guidance anytime I needed it, I was never turned away. I felt overwhelmed by all of the change and the Anytime Fitness team at Kingsport understood. Whenever I was here, if Willie was around, he would take time to show me how to properly excercise. I was dedicated and kept true to my regiment. To date, I haven’t missed a work out.

On June 3rd of 2010, I celebrated losing 100 pounds! I had struggled with obesity for so long the change was completely surreal. For the longest time, I remained in self-denial. The workouts continued and as time went on I found my weight continuing to drop and my body continued to transform. I’ll never forget the feeling of being able to walk into a department store and buying a pair of pants, or the first time I was able to fit into the rides at an amusement park. As time went on, Willie encouraged me to consider taking up running as part of my exercise regiment. I began slowly and on Sunday 10-24-2010, I ran my very first 5K race for the Susan G. Komen foundation.
The turn of the new year brought with it some amazing opportunities. In January, I changed my career path, leaving the laboratory behind me. I became a weight management counselor working with other people who were in situations similar to mine. In March of this year, I celebrated losing over 200 pounds!! I am now 186 pounds, a size 34 waist and medium shirt. I now have a new body, new career & new goals-to become certified as a personal trainer! I want to use my experience to influence and encourage others to achieve an amazing transformation such as the one I have.
As of now, I work two jobs (just as I did all throughout my transformation) and I continue to eat very cleanly. Even with my busy schedule, I make time to go to the the gym 5 to 6 day per week.
First 5K foot race: Susan G Komen Race – October 2010
Completed 12 week course of P90X by Beach Body – June 2011
Became A.S.F.A Certified Personal Trainer – September 2011
First Half-Marathon Completed: BAE System Verterans Day Classic – November 2011
Workout Regiment (5-6 days per week)
Day 1 – Back/Shoulders
Day 2 – Cardio
Day 3 – Legs
Day 4 – Cardio
Day 5 – Arms
Day 6 – Cardio/Rest
Day 7 – Rest
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Re: I am John Goddard & I have lost 226lbs on HCG @ LIVEfit Medicine

Brian Connole
That is really an amazing story John. Congratulations on all of your weight loss success. However, I see no reference in your story to the HCG Diet. Did you actually use the HCG Diet plan as it says in the headline? If so, maybe you can talk a little bit more about that.

Good luck on continuing your weight loss Journey.

Take care,

Brian Connole
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