I have some questions :)

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I have some questions :)

This is my second round! I switched HCG drop brands and have some questions.

First-  I'm finding conflicting information on fat free cottage cheese on phase 2.  The first round I did, cottage cheese was okay.  But my new pamplet does not include fat free cottage cheese. Do you suppose cottage cheese is okay?  I lost 13 lbs in 23 days last round eating cottage cheese.

Second- A good friend of mine lost 35 lbs doing a 45 day round....by cheating one meal once a week (prime rib, potatoes, several margaritas.....yikes).... I'm terrified of cheating but I was just curious if anyone else has had luck with cheating. My fiance would like to start the diet, but "needs" a cheat day for his diets to be successful. lol

Thanks :)