Lipo-b suddenly changed colors! What???

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Lipo-b suddenly changed colors! What???

I'm doing the hgc diet along with lipo-b (MIC/B vitamin complex) of 1ml every 3 days. The brand I'm using is Beplex Forte.

I'm on day 12 of phase 2 and my lipo-b has suddenly changed color, (as seen in syringe) from a very dark brown, so dark it's really hard to see the hash marks on the syringe, to a very light brown/orange/yellow that is see-through!  I've been very good about keeping it in a cool (but not refrigerator-cold), dark, dry place. It just changed overnight! ...Or I suppose over 3 nights, as that's the last time I looked at it.

Has anyone else had this happen or know what's going on? I'm worried about taking it now, so any answers would be great!