New and desperately need help with question please

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New and desperately need help with question please

Hi everyone,

I'm new to HCG diet and am currently on phase 2, day 6.  Have followed diet to the letter and have lost 5 lbs which includes a 2 lb gorge/load gain.  I signed up for 23 injections.

I am so very excited to be losing weight but have had a wrench thrown in my plan.  A good wrench, but a wrench nonetheless.  My hubby has surprised me with cruise tickets for our anniversary.  The problem is.....I will only be on phase 2, day 12 when we board the ship.  

I am committed to this diet, but am committed to my marriage too and anniversaries are special.  :-)

I don't feel a need to go hog wild with food on the 7 day cruise, but would love to enjoy a glass of wine occasionally.

So what do I do?  Do I stop the injections and go and just eat as  proper as I can?

Or should I just take injections while on trip and do best I can that way?

I'm freaking out coz I've read too much now on Internet of folks blowing up like balloon overnight when hcg stopped early and I really don't want that.  But at the same time, life happens and I don't wish to miss out on that either!

My inclination is to take injections with me and eat clean and keep wine to minimum and see how I land.  But I'd love input from those who have some knowledge and experience with this.  Forgive me if this is already answered somewhere.  I read pounds and inches where he said interrupting b4 21 days is not recommended, but he didnt say what to do in situation like mine.

Thanks SO much for any advice!

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Re: New and desperately need help with question please

Brian Connole

Sorry, I just saw your question or I would have responded more urgently.

Although you could probably go on the cruise and pull off doing the diet somewhat, it would be best just to stop the injections while you are on it. And since you will be gone only a week, you should try to follow the directions in this article that I wrote a while back ....

I hope you read this before leaving on your cruise.

Good luck and I hope you have a great vacation - which we all wish we could be going on it with you; especially with all the snow we are dealing with here in Utah.

Brian Connole
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