Nice to meet you...[i love to write, so this is long]

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Nice to meet you...[i love to write, so this is long]

Hi everyone ... my name is Erika and i live in alabama.  i'm originally from San Diego, and moved to Hawai'i when I was 4.  then to Guam when I was 8 and back to Hawai'i when i was 12...are you kind of seeing where i'm going with this?  my entire childhood i was surrounded by food that would make you salivate just think about it!  

I was a thin young child and didn't start getting chubby till i was in the 5th grade.  of course my mom would say it was baby fat or i was just big boned.  no.  i was going through puberty.  i know now she was just trying to make me feel better.  for as long as i can remember my mom has struggled with her weight.  if you look in the dictionary, next to yo-yo diet, you would see her picture.  then, you could look up takes after mom and no picture would be right there staring back at you..  i hate that all of her bad habits were what i inherited.  she would talk about her weight in front of me.  i would always hear her sucking in her tummy.  she always asked if she looked ok while sucking in her tummy literally to the point you could see her chest rise and her collerbone would become noticeable.  when i was 16, she decided she'd had enough and went on the jenny craig program.  she did so well on it i had never seen her look so good.  she kept it off for quite some time. i was impressed because to me that's harder than loosing is keeping it off. [i did learn one thing ... i don't talk about weight or what i'm not happy with myself around my 9 year old impressionable daughter.  she has a benign brain tumor and has gained weight since she had surgery to get as much of that tumor they could.  she works out with me because she says she loves to.  i do workout in front of my children because i think it's a good thing for them to see.  just as i believe it is important to show your children that you love their daddy by hugging or kissing him, holding hands, sitting closely together.  it instills in them love and confidence.

my dad retired in guam which helped my mom how?  oh ya, it didn't.  lol she has a hard time sticking to things.  jenny craig wouldn't ship to guam so you can imagine.  over the years she has gained it back.  again, off and on diets she goes.  

i am normally a small person.  even after having my 3 children who are now 9, almost 7 and almost 5 i gained a lot of weight [toxemia] but back to my itty bitty within 8 months.  with gunnar, my 3rd child, when he was 5 months old, i was 117.  of course that was way too skinny, but my point is i have the drive and i can do it.

it wasn't until after i got home from Peru from a missionary trip that i started noticing something. [i came home with a bacterial infection and after i was treated and feeling better which took about 2 months did everything change.  this was september 2010.   first, my pants were getting tight.  no weight gain.  then, i was getting very tired even though i was an avid runner.  after that, my normally acne free skin [you know the creamy pretty skin that your friends tend to pry you for information regarding what you use to keep it so hydrated and acne free], i noticed hair on my face and finally the scale did show weight gain.  literally within 2 weeks, i had gained 15lbs.  i started running 3 miles instead of 2 a day.  then, started running twice a day 3 miles each and added plyometrics.   nothing changed and the scale went up.

after 6 months, i had gotten up to 200 [something lbs.  i stopped getting on the scale because it was torture to look at the numbers] and i'm normally anywhere between 139-142.  i was mortified.  in september when still nothing would work and i still kept working out, but you can imagine how much pain having that much extra weight on a 5 foot 3 1/4 person.  so i walked.  added arm and leg weights and walked with free weights. completely changed my diet.  and basically became super determined would not cheat on my new eating plan which is basic a paleo lifestyle.  after all the hard work i said goodbye to my 22's and hello to 14's.  but, although the sizes changed so much, the scale didn't change that much.  i weighed myself and i was 197.  i was happy that i was under 200 though.  

instead of saying screw it and going on a binge, i went to my doctor.  she could NOT believe how big i was and even cried with me.  after talking to her about my symptoms and what was going on she immediately new what was going on as she has the same thing.  i was diagnosed with PCOS [polycystic ovarian syndrome].  this made too much sense.  i was put on birth control and given something for the migraines i have been suffering and sent to a dermatologist.  he was a life saver.  he gave me a medication called aldactone which helps with hair growth and acne.  

1 month later my extremely painful cramps were not happening [thank god because i would literally crawl to the bathroom they were so bad] my skin was glowing!  they cystic acne was gone and i went for a facial and the esthetician complemented me on how nice my skin is and asked what my regemine was.  of course i was completely honest and told her the aldactone and proactiv was also used.  =)  

so,  there i was in a size 14,  it's now september 2010, i am wearing a 12 and now i'm 193.  so, i have lost 4 lbs since march, but losing inches.  although the scale isn't supposed to be important, it really is.

in september i was introduced to visalus.  it's a nutritional shake that is amazing.  after drinking 6 shakes my pcos symptoms were going away.  i had this amazing energy and i felt wonderful!  by december i was wearing a 10 jeans, i went down an entire bra size [yae i'm a DD!] and, i now weigh 189.  that's a loss of 4lbs in 2 months.  i'm liking this!!!

now it's may 2012.  i'm still wearing a 10 but they are big so i do wear 8's at times.  i weigh anywhere from 181-184.  that's 5 months from my last 4 lb loss.  so, that's a loss of 5-8 loss in 5 months.  i am down to a D bra and i look much leaner than before.

here's where HCG comes in.  I want to say goodbye forever to the 180's!  first goal is to just get to the 170's...then to even 169.  after that goal is to get to 140.  i just finished my gorge and to be honest i was very excited to do this...and now that i could eat good for me food...i feel SO MUCH better already!!!!!!  

If you read my entire story and got this far YOU.ARE.A.ROCKSTAR!

looking forward to learning and sharing my journey!

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Re: Nice to meet you...[i love to write, so this is long]

Brian Connole
It is great to meet you Erika - Welcome to The HCG Diet 411 Forum. I have enjoyed reading all about you and I can't wait to hear more.

Take care and good luck!

Brian Connole
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