Restarting HCG

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Restarting HCG

Thank you in advace for any input!

Started HCG, did injections for roughly 3 weeks!  It took me, 1 week to get the dose down pat... I also cheated more than I did the protocal. URGGHHHHHH

I have stopped doing injections in hopes to get my head focused post Holidays!!! Needed right mindset.

With the mess ups, if I stopped on December 13, 2012 when would be a good re-start date?

Should I wait the full 6 weeks? Or do you think restarting a 43 day round December 26th would be ok, 24th and 25th being load days?

Don't want the immunity to be a factor.

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Re: Restarting HCG

Brian Connole
Hi Maureen,

I you were on the injections for that long, even if you cheated, it would be best to wait the full 6 weeks before starting the diet again. But once you do, just do the diet the same as you would if it was your first time.

However, this time be ready for those cravings with some great recipes and maybe some Miracle Noodles to help fill you up.

Good luck!

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