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Weight Loss Stats

I started the HCG diet with shots and am currently on day 5.  I am logging in everything I eat and my weight as well.  I am just wondering when the weight loss kicked in and if anyone is going through the same as I am.

My stats, 35 yrs old, 5'2" and weight 168 lbs.  Had a complete thyroidectomy so take thyroid medication as well as calcium and vitamin D.

Day 1 - 168 lb: had Starbucks and a chipotle burrito bowl fully loaded.  A soup with avocado for dinner.  
Day 2 - 168.5 : Starbucks and quest fundido, flower tortillas, fish and veggies and chips an salsa
Day 3 - 168 : phase 2.  Followed protocol to a T.
Day 4- 165
Day 5- 167

I really want to weigh around 125 if possible but would be so happy if I saw the scale go down to 130.
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Re: Weight Loss Stats

Brian Connole
Hi Rina.

If you want to hit 130 or 125 you are definitely on the right track. Keep up the hard work, you are doing great so far!!!

Good luck -

Brian C
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