is tilapia considered a white fish? it exceptable?

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is tilapia considered a white fish? it exceptable?

Hi Brian thanks so much for this blog!!..and the fact that your so knowlwdgable doesn't hurt either...anywho
I have a few questions, so I'm gonna shoot them all at once
1. How do I know if I have real hcg, is it true I can test it using a pregnancy test?
2. Outside of the of fish that's not acceptable, what white fish is? N is it ok to broil?
3. Sort of confused about the veggie section- (ex). If I choose spinach as a salad, can I add tomatos, oinions?
4. If I choose spinach, can I boil it to eat?
5. My bottle say to drop 10 hcg drops 3 times a what increments should I take them?  
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Re: is tilapia considered a white fish? it exceptable?

Hi there, I can't answer all of your questions but I can answer a few.

Tilipia is an acceptable white fish, as is Swai.   I found them at the Super Walmarts in the frozen section packaged in 4 oz packages.   Makes for a conveninent addition to the fullfillment of your food portion of the protocol.

I have found that the george foreman grill is the best option for cooking.      Since  use my foreman grill for all the family I actually wrap my chicken or ish in parchment paper and cook so to avoid any transfers of fat from other foods that I might have cooked.    I also enjoy taking my spinich, placing at the bottom of the parchment (or foil) then placing my fish on top and then another layer of spinach and then off the for foreman grill.   about 10 mins later you are good to go.      I've read that all of the Mrs. Dash seasonings are acceptable... you might try adding that to your fish or chicken.

Also, not on  this thread, but on others I've read that you can use MCT oil to cook your food, so if you can want to pan sear it, you could use the MCT oil to do so.    I've only found it on-line.   None of my local health stores seem to carry it, purchased it on Amazon.

Well, that's all that I can add.   I did all of the above while I was on R1P1 and my 40 days ended with a 29ish lb release, so I'm fairly comfy with my suggestions.

I took prescription sublingual hcg, in rapid dissolve tablet form, so I can't answer your other questions.   Best of luck!     Protocol is wonderful and I look forward to hearing about your progress.
HCG Happy in Texas!   YEEHAW!